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Privacy Policy & Website Disclaimer

We know how much you value your privacy, and we do, too. Our privacy policy explains in detail what we will and won't do with your information.

For us, "Personal Information" means:

  • Information which identifies you, like your name or email address; or
  • A combination of several pieces of information which couldn't identify you on their own, but which we believe could become identifiable to you when combined.

Any information that falls outside of this is "non-personal information." If we store your personal information with information that is non-personal, we will consider the combination as personal information.

We may release information in the following situations:

  • When we tell you we will and you consent to the release.
  • When the law requires it.
  • If our organizational structure or status changes (if we undergo a restructuring, for instance) we may pass your information to a successor or affiliate. If this happens, we’ll notify you.

PLAN Jeffco Email List:

Our email list receives periodic news, invitations, and announcements about PLAN Jeffco and the Jefferson County Open Space program.

If you sign up to receive a newsletter or other email communication from PLAN Jeffco, but no longer wish to do so, you can opt out from the distribution list by contacting Email PLAN Jeffco or by following the “Unsubscribe” instructions in the emails you receive.

Website Disclaimer:

Information about Jefferson County Open Space Parks and other information on this website is provided as a public service. To ensure that you have the most current and accurate information regarding Open Space parks, closures, rules & regulations, or changes to the parks or park systems, call Jefferson County Parks and Open Space at 303.271.5925 or visit their website at jeffco.us/parks/parks-and-trails/. PLAN Jeffco makes no claims or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the content provided by us or by contributors to this website, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the information on this website. If you believe we have posted any information that is inaccurate, please tell us about it: Email Us

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