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April 5, 2017

Study Session:

The study session began with a field trip to view a potential acquisition from the Frank Martin Trust. The property is along Golden Gate Canyon Road at the top of Guy Gulch. The property is about 362 acres and lies between the Open Space-owned Termentozi property and the Ralston Creek State Wildlife Area. The property has very high master plan values and would allow access from Open Space properties to the south to Open Space properties north of Ralston Creek and Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The property does have a house built in 1988 that needs significant exterior maintenance and probably would be scraped.

The balance of the study session was determining the items that the OSAC members would like to review with the County Commissioners when OSAC meets with the Commissioners on June 8.

Regular Session:

Approval was given to Wheat Ridge to subordinate a portion of the reverter on the site of the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center to allow Verizon Wireless to place screened antennae on the building roof.

Approval was given to Lakewood to subordinate a portion of the reverter on Washington Heights Park to allow Public Service Company to bury some electrical power lines that would improve power reliability to the area.

Joy Lucisano, Real Estate Program Manager, reviewed Foothills Park and Recreation request for Open Space to deed Clement Park and the Bergen Ditch water rights to Johnson Reservoir to the Foothills Rec District. Staff are reviewing the status of Open Space involvement with the park and will bring a resolution for the deed transfer at a future meeting.

Final terms to acquire the Frank Martin Trust property, see study session, were approved. The price is $1,575,000 for the 362 acres or $4,350 per acre.

Tom Hoby, in the Directors Report, relayed:

  • Acquisition of the 108 acres north of Floyd Hill was completed March 17.

  • Moving Highway 6 along the Peak to Plains Trail in Clear Creek to allow for a parking lot on the south side of the highway has begun.

  • Renovations to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center building have begun and staff are enthused with the changes.

  • The Park Rangers have begun offering selfdefense programs at the County libraries and to Girl Scouts. The programs have been received enthusiastically and are in response to comments to the last citizen survey about some not feeling safe on the trails.

  • Andy Scanlan was introduced as the new Planning and Projects Director. Andy is a former business analyst with JCOS and Colorado State Parks.

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