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OSAC Meeting Notes

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May 1, 2014

Study Session:

Tom Hoby outlined the potential steps for an acquisitions working group. These included:

1. Creating a Working Group comprised of staff, two OSAC members and 4-6 other members with specific expertise.

2. Creating and assigning participants to an Advisory Committee Sub-Committee.

3. Developing these steps with the entire Advisory Committee at several future Study Sessions.

Regular Meeting:

Jennifer Anderson, Staunton State Park Manager and Tony Romano, Colorado Natural Areas Program Technician, reviewed the State's newest Park with the Committee, provided an overview of the first year of operation, and reviewed the Park's Natural Area Designation.

Tom Hoby reviewed the Jeffco Open Space recent sales tax revenues with the Committee. The tax revenue has increased at a higher rate than projected in the budgets. The sales tax income in 2013 increased by 7% versus the 2% in the budget and 2014 is showing an increase of 5% versus 3% used in the budget. These updated projections will allow for more flexibility in funds for acquisitions and other projects, such as the Peaks to Plains Trail.

Scot Grossman stated that cost estimates for the Peaks to Plains Projects were discussed during the April 3, 2014 Advisory Committee Director's Report, and that staff and several Advisory Committee members toured the project on April 24th. Mr. Grossman reviewed both events and discussed the project in greater detail. Higher costs on the trail have been incurred, primarily from having to move the trail around a Preble's Mouse habitat which has required shifting from the idea of a creekside bench for the trail, to having to cut the trail into the hillside above the creek, plus add one more bridge. The present budget will allow completing the Jeffco portion of the trail from the County line to Mayhem Gulch. This will provide four miles of trail including two miles in Clear Creek County and two miles in Jeffco.

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