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Reports & Studies

PLAN Jeffco provides an important citizen education function keeping you informed of what is going on in your Open Space Program and covering county & statewide issues and analyses related to Open Space.

Economic Benefits of Open Space Publications:

Open Space Conservation: Investing in Your Community’s Economic Health

Author: John Tibbetts

Date: Feb. 1998

Report describes and compares several ways of determining the economic value of open space. It also addresses the effectiveness of tools used to finance conservation: impact fees, dedications of land, transfer fees, conservation easements and floodplain zoning. ... read more »

Cost of Community Services Studies: Making the Case for Conservation

Author: Julia Freedgood, American Farmland Trust

Date: 2002

The COCS methodology used by AFT and others shows that privately owned farm, forest and ranch lands generate more in local revenues than they require in services. ... read more »

The Proximate Principle: The Impact of Parks, Open Space and Water Features on Residential Property Values and the Property Tax Base.

Author: John L. Crompton

Date: 2004

National Recreation and Park Association. Describes various economics-based methods to estimate the local impact of parks and water features on property values going back to the early 1800s. ... read more »

Community Benefits and Repositioning: The Keys to Park and Recreation’s Future Viability, National Recreation and Park Association.

Author: John L. Crompton

Date: 2007

A guide for how to identify 19 community benefits agencies must show to justify their budgets. ... purchase book at: Amazon or Sagamore Publishing

Measuring the Economic Impact of Park and Recreation Services

Author: John L. Crompton, National Recreation and Park Association

Date: 2010

This paper is described as a “hands-on guide” for professionals who want to do studies on the economic impact of park and recreation investments. ... read more »

Jeffco Open Space Annual Report: Preservation in Progress 2014

Jefferson County, Colorado - Jeffco Open Space Annual Report - Preservation in Progress 2014 Author: Jefferson County Open Space, Jefferson County, Colorado

Date: 2014

Jeffco Open Space is credited as the nation's first county open space program funded by sales tax. Now we're happy to add another distinction to our name. In 2014, Jeffco Open Space & Parks became the first Colorado county agency to become nationally accredited. Accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) recognizes excellence in operation and service. CAPRA accreditation provides assurance to our customers, visitors and supporters that we meet national standards of best practice. In fact, we far exceeded the minimum standards set by CAPRA. To be accredited, an agency must meet 36 fundamental standards and 85% of the non-fundamental standards for a total of 128 established standards. Jeffco Open Space & Parks met 143 of 144 standards. Our commitment to excellence does not end with accreditation. ... read more »

Reports and Studies - Conference Proceedings Report - The Next 40 Years, Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference, November 16, 2013

Conference Proceedings Report for: The Next 40 Years, Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference

Author: PLAN Jeffco

Date: November 16, 2013

PLAN Jeffco, with co-sponsorship from the Open Space Department & the Open Space Foundation, held a conference on November 16, 2013 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. About 180 people attended the half-day event, which focused on The Next 40 Years of Jeffco Open Space Conservation. To honor the conception of the open space program as well as 40 plus years of service as a watchdog and supporter, PLAN Jeffco gathered together prominent experts to present their findings on a wide variety of conservation issues.


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Nine speakers took the podium to address various subjects, from a five-year master plan to tracking mountain lions. Presenters also discussed climate change, state demographics, recreation trends, biodiversity, animal habitat, the economy and the impact of access to nature on public health.

The proceedings of the conference, including full write-ups and slides used by the presenters, are available as a 45 page printed Report or digitally on CD. The cost for the printed copy is $10 (postage paid) and the CD version is $5 (postage paid). The proceedings can be ordered online with a credit card or send a check by mail to:

Mr. John Litz

PLAN Jeffco Conference Proceedings Report

11010 W 29th Ave.

Lakewood, CO 80215

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CNHP and CSU - Survey of Critical Biological Resources Jefferson County, Colorado, 2010-2011, May 2012

Survey of Critical Biological Resources Jefferson County, Colorado, 2010-2011

Author: Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) and Colorado State University (CSU)

Date: May 2012

In 2010, Jefferson County contracted with Colorado State University and the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) to survey for critical biological resources in Jefferson County with funding provided by Jefferson County Open Space. A wetland and riparian survey was conducted concurrently with funding provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8 Wetland Program Development Grant. The purpose of this project was to provide scientific data on biological resources for land managers, planners, and the citizens of Jefferson County for conducting proactive landscape planning. This document is intended to be a tool for managing lands that support rare, imperiled and/or sensitive plants, animals, and significant plant habitats.... read more »

Colorado College - Conservation in the West Survey, 2012

Colorado Voters Across Political Spectrum Agree: Our Public Lands are Essential to Our Economy

Author: Colorado College

Date: 2012

The results from the 2012 Colorado College State of the Rockies Conservation in the West poll find that Colorado voters across the political spectrum – from Tea Party supporters to those who identify with the Occupy Wall Street movement and voters in-between – view Colorado’s parks and public lands as essential to their state’s economy and want to see clean air, clean water, natural areas and wildlife funded and protected. ... read more »

The Economic Benefit of Denver's Park and Recreation System, 2010. By The Trust for Public Land (TPL)

The Economic Benefit of Denver's Park and Recreation System

Author: The Trust for Public Land (TPL)

Date: July 2010

The Trust for Public Land has published a report outlining the tangible economic value that Denver receives from park. A new TPL study of the park system of Denver shows that the city’s parks generate considerable economic value—both to the local government and to Denver residents. According to the detailed analysis by the Center for City Park Excellence, Denver’s parks deliver annual revenue of $7.1 million for the city, municipal savings of $3.6 million, resident savings of $517 million and a collective increase of resident wealth of $48.7 million. ... read more »

Measuring the Economic Impact of Park and Recreation Services, 2010. By Dr. John L. Crompton. Published by National Recreation and Park Association

Measuring the Economic Impact of Park and Recreation Services

Author: Dr. John L. Crompton, Professor of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences Regents Professor Texas A&M University

Date: 2010

Dr. John Crompton, the distinguished figure in the field of recreation and parks, published an interesting monograph titled "Measuring the Economic Impact of Park and Recreation Services", which was published by the National Recreation and Park Association as part of a series of studies conducted to examine the benefits of parks. ... read more »

PLAN Jeffco Report - The Economic Impacts of Preserving Open Space Lands, February 2008

The Economic Impacts of Preserving Open Space Lands

Author: PLAN Jeffco Report

Date: February 2008

In February 2008, PLAN Jeffco hosted a conference to discuss the positive economic impacts resulting from the acquisition and preservation of open space lands. The "Conference on the Economic Impacts of Preserving Open Space Lands" was held at the American Mountaineering Center. ... read more »

CBCN and Douglas County - Chatfield Basin Conservation Network Green Infrastructure System: Conservation Connections for Nature and People, May 2006

Chatfield Basin Conservation Network Green Infrastructure System: Conservation Connections for Nature and People

Sponsors: Chatfield Basin Conservation Network (CBCN) and Douglas County, Colorado

Date: May 2006

Chatfield Basin offers a unique and spectacular ecological, geological, and cultural setting along Colorado’s Front Range. Many opportunities exist to extend and preserve the Basin’s “green infrastructure” to sustain this special landscape for the long-term enjoyment of Douglas County and state residents. This study reflects the work of residents, naturalists, landowners, developers, decision makers, and others to preserve this green infrastructure. Their work is founded on earlier efforts of the Chatfield Basin Conservation Network (CBCN) and others to bring a powerful conservation vision to the Basin. ... read more »