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Current Initiatives

Citizens & government interacting to achieve a goal of conserving Open Space Lands.

PLAN Jeffco’s board and volunteers conserve the remaining open spaces in Jefferson County by watching over and advocating for the Jefferson County Open Space Parks and Open Space Program, educating decision makers, hosting candidate nights and engaging in policy discussions. In doing so, we work with Open Space staff, the citizen-staffed Open Space Advisory Committee and elected officials and coordinate with other organizations and interests that share our goals. We strive to work at a strategic level to move open space conservation thinking and action forward.

Current Initiatives & Action Items

Jefferson County Open Space Program - Direction

Posted: August 2013

Updated: September 6, 2013

PLAN Jeffco has been following with concern a new trend that would diminish the Open Space brand and bring Boetcher Mansion, the Fairgrounds, CSU Extension and the Open Space Program together under a newly named “Parks Department.” A similar trend occured in 1987 but was rejected by the County Commissioners. The Jefferson County Open Space Program was established by the Open Space Resolution of 1972 (revised by the voters in the 1980 Amendment to the Open Space Resolution). PLAN Jeffco supports maintaining the Open Space “brand” and maintaining Open Space values as set forth in its authorizing legislation.

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Margot Zallen addressed this issue during the Public Comment period of the August 1, 2013 OSAC Meeting: Margot Zallen, PLAN Jeffco Chairperson spoke about concerns that unifying the Boetcher Mansion, the Fairgrounds, CSU Extension and the Open Space Program under a newly named “Parks Department” would diminish the Open Space brand and the Open Space Program’s unique identity. In July, PLAN Jeffco had sent a letter to Tom Hoby expressing some of our concerns (see below). The letter and its attachments demonstrated that in 1987 the County Commissioners rejected a movement toward the county Open Space Program becoming more like the cities’ and recreational districts parks. PLAN Jeffco is concerned about recent trends that seemed to be a replay of the 1987 controversy. There was spirited discussion by OSAC members regarding these issues and most of OSAC agreed with the concerns raised by PLAN Jeffco. Read more: OSAC Meeting Notes August 1, 2013

October 3, 2013 OSAC Meeting

OSAC has scheduled a discussion on this at the October 3rd OSAC meeting. This meeting will start at 4PM to allow time for adequate discussion. For more information about OSAC Meetings: OSAC Meetings

Read the PLAN Jeffco letter of concern to Tom Hoby, Director of Parks & Open Space Program, dated July 21, 2013:

Dear Tom,

On behalf of PLAN Jeffco and its supporters, I am writing to express our growing concern over certain recent trends related to the Open Space Program, including a diminishment of the “open space brand” and of the recognition of the uniqueness of this county program. In the paragraphs below, we discuss these concerns in more detail, and provide recommendations along with background information on the Program that we hope will assist you and your staff in your current management and planning efforts … read more »

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