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Date: May 2008

South Table Mountain Park Management Plan

The Open Space staff completed the preparation of the Management Plan tor South Table Mountain earlier this year and presented it to OSAC at the March 6th Study Session and the April 3rd Regular Meeting. In preparation of the Plan staff held two open houses, met six times with stakeholder groups, and met with golden and Pleasant View staff.

At present the facilities at the park include:

- Mini kiosk at Foothills Circle

- Trash can at Foothills Circle

- Park bench at Foothills Circle

- Gated maintenance vehicle access at Foothills Circle

- Gated maintenance vehicle access at Quaker Street

- Approximately 2.5 miles of trails

The entire park is designated as a Natural Area. Natural areas primarily are managed for multiple-use, trail-based recreation, but not to the detriment of the natural and cultural resources. The resources on South Table include native plant species, paleontological resources, mule deer, and Golden Eagle nest sites. The conceptual plan is to develop a trail system of large loops that include portions of the Welch Ditch, corridors across State and DOE easements, and easements along roads. Existing jeep roads and social trails will be utilized for trails where possible and the remaining jeep roads and social trails will be closed and reclaimed. Two interconnecting loop trails are planned West of Quaker thee will connect access points from Golden, Golden Hills Road, and Quaker Street. Two interconnecting loop trails are planned East of the State track connecting with access points from Applewood, Denver West, and Pleasant View. There also will be a trail connecting the two sets of loops.

Most of the access points to the park will be from neighborhoods. Parking is available in the Pleasant View Community Park, just North of Camp George West. There is potential for a parking lot off of Quaker Street and there is possibility for utilizing parking in Denver West.

The park is constrained by three parcels of private property. These parcels are marked with signs indicating private property and will have developed trails closely paralleling them.

The park has significant infestations of diffuse knapweed, Canada thistle, and Dalmation toadflax. Weed control has been started and will ongoing for a number of years.

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