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Past Events

PLAN Jeffco continues to provide an important citizen education function through its annual meetings and citizen workshops. If you missed an event—take a look here for photos and information, and don't forget to join our Email List so that you'll receive announcements about upcoming events!


PLAN Jeffco

45th Birthday Picnic in the Park

August 29, 2017

PLAN Jeffco 45th Birthday Picnic at Lookout Mountain Nature Center

Lookout Mountain Nature Center & Preserve

PLAN Jeffco hosted a Summer Picnic in the Park to celebrate its 45th Birthday on Tuesday, August 29 from 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. All ages were invited to attend the celebration at Lookout Mountain Nature Center, located at 910 Colorow Rd. in Golden. The event was free to attend and open to the public. Guests packed their own picnics or purchased BBQ, vegetarian cuisine, and ice cream from food trucks on-site at the Nature Center. Birthday cake was served.

There were children’s nature-based activities, and three guided hikes were available for attendees of all ages to enjoy, including Bird-watching Tour, Lookout Mountain Nature Center Site History Tour, Natural History & Bio-diversity Tour. Mary Ann Bonnell, Jefferson County Open Space Visitor Services Manager and Park Ranger #1, provided a retrospective of the Open Space program.

... read more »


PLAN Jeffco

In Plein Sight
Art in Open Air for Jeffco Open Spaces

In Plein Sight - PLAN Jeffco is excited to announce a series of events to celebrate the beauty of our open space in September & October 2016. Plein air painting by Don Hamilton (pictured here) and many others. For more than 40 years PLAN Jeffco has worked for the protection and conservation of our open spaces. Because of our initiatives, Jefferson County established the first county-wide Open Space lands program and has protected more than 55,000 acres of open space lands with outstanding scenic, natural or recreational values.

As open spaces and art lovers, PLAN Jeffco announced a series of events in September and October 2016 to celebrate the beauty of our open space. These events included an art exhibit, a week of plein air painting in Jefferson County Open Space parks and an art show with the freshly painted landscapes to view and purchase.

In addition to providing a unique cultural experience for our entire Metro Denver community, these events allowed attendees to bring the beauty of Jeffco’s Open Space parks into their homes and offices as a reminder of why we live in Colorado. ... read more »


PLAN Jeffco 2015 Annual Dinner
with the County Commissioners to Celebrate 43 years of Conserving Jeffco’s Open Spaces

"Celebrating Jeffco Land Trusts"


Clear Creek Land Conservancy, Colorado Open Lands, & Mountain Area Land Trust

September 21, 2015

The Vista at Applewood Golf Course, Golden

14001 W 32nd Ave, Golden, CO 80401

Our Honorees were the Clear Creek Land Conservancy, Colorado Open Lands and Mountain Area Land Trust. Their efforts have protected over 11,000 acres in Jeffco and over 290,000 acres in Colorado. For this we all owe them a big THANK YOU!

PLAN Jeffco 2015 Annual Dinner - Celebrating Jeffco Land Trusts - Dan Pike and Tony Caligiuri receive the award for Colorado Open Lands which has protected lands along North Turkey Creek and adjacent to Golden Gate State Park. EVENT SUMMARY: The September 21 dinner in the Vista Room at the Applewood Golf Course was enjoyed by the almost 100 attendees. The dinner was also attended by the three County Commissioners and Tom Hoby, the Open Space Program Director who joined with PLAN Jeffco in honoring the Mountain Area Land Trust, Clear Creek Land Conservancy and Colorado Open Lands. All of these have been actively protecting Jeffco open space lands and two of these also focus their efforts on preserving lands throughout Colorado. ... read more »


The Next 40 Years: Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference

November 16, 2013

Jeffco Fairgrounds, Main Exhibition Hall

The Next 40 Years - Jeffco Open Space Conservation

PLAN Jeffco, with co-sponsorship from the Open Space Department and the Open Space Foundation, held a conference on November 16, 2013 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The conference focused on The Next 40 Years of Jeffco Open Space Conservation. To honor the conception of the open space program as well as 40+ years of service as a watchdog and supporter, PLAN Jeffco gathered together prominent experts to present their findings on a wide variety of conservation issues. About 180 people attended the half-day event, which took place November 16, 2013 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The Next 40 Years: Jeffco Open Space Conservation Conference

Nine speakers took the podium to address various subjects, from a five-year master plan to tracking mountain lions. Presenters also discussed climate change, state demographics, recreation trends, biodiversity, animal habitat, the economy and the impact of access to nature on public health. ... read what they had to say »

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL):

"Dinner Speaker Describes Elk Mountains Retreat"

by Vicky Gits

The Next 40 Years of Jeffco Open Space Conservation

November 16, 2013

Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Plan Jeffco, with co-sponsorship from the Open Space Department and the Open Space Foundation, will be holding a conference November 16 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The conference will focus on "The Next 40 Years of Jeffco Open Space Conservation."

It will be a great opportunity to learn: What the demographics of the metro area are and how they will change. How the recreation needs of the population will change. How local climate change will affect the parks. How outdoor activities benefit the populace. How to balance expanding the areas of preservation with increased use of the parks. How Jeffco Parks ... read more »


PLAN Jeffco's 40th Anniversary & Fundraiser

December 2, 2012

240 Union: A Creative Grille, Lakewood, CO

PLAN Jeffco’s 40th Anniversary and Fundraiser, December 2, 2012 - Conference: Celebrating 40 Years of Open Space Conservation

It's a rare occasion when so many supporters of Jefferson County Open Space come together in friendship and celebration, but that's what happened at PLAN Jeffco's 40th Anniversary Dinner & Fund-raiser. Past and current members of the Open Space Advisory Committee were present to help celebrate the occasion, as were many members of the JeffCo Open Space Staff. Greg Stevinson, past Chair of OSAC, and under whose guidance the acreage of Open Space grew to over 50,000 acres ... read more »


2011 PLAN Jeffco Annual Dinner

October 13th, 2011

Mount Vernon County Club, 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden CO

Join us and John Fielder, world renowned landscape photographer, and Lise Aangeenbrug, Executive Director of Great Outdoors Colorado, for our annual dinner celebrating our part in preserving our open spaces. We will enjoy seeing some of Mr. Fielder’s latest photographs from locations in Jefferson County — as well as an advance peek at Mr. Fielder’s current project, "Mountains to Plains: Documenting 20 Years of Preservation," offering visual testimony to the accomplishments by Great Outdoors Colorado and its many partners to protect Colorado’s natural heritage. Ms. Aangeenbrug will introduce Mr. Fielder, and explain GoCo’s role in our shared mission to ensure our land and open spaces can be enjoyed by future generations. ... read more »


2010 PLAN Jeffco Annual Dinner

September 30, 2010

Mount Vernon County Club, 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden CO

Our new Open Space Director, Tom Hoby, will be our keynote speaker. We have invited him to speak about his long-range perspectives and strategies for Jeffco open space, to share his 5-year and 10-year goals, and to highlight what he sees as his priorities, and problems. We also want to know. how he sees the role of community organizations, and what can we do to help. ... read more »

County Commissioner Candidate Forum

September 21, 2010

Main Hearing Room, Open Space Building, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden CO

Don Rosier, Republican Candidate and Kathy Hartman, Democratic Candidate. Your opportunity to ask questions and hear the candidates’ points of view. Because we need to know about the candidates for our Board of County Commissioners before we vote! ... read more »


The Annual PLAN Jeffco Dinner with the Commissioners, OSAC, and Open Space Staff will be Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009

Mount Vernon County Club, 24933 Clubhouse Circle, Golden CO

Jefferson County was formed 150 years ago in 1859. As the focus of a historical theme, the feature of the evening will be a presentation by "Dr. Colorado" Tom Noel on "The Historical Importance of Jefferson County Open Space." Dr. Noel is Professor of History at the University of Colorado Denver, the author of 26 books on Colorado history, and a biweekly columnist in the Denver Post. Dr. Noel’s has been working with the Jefferson County historical Society on the 150th Anniversary. His presentation will include contemporary and historic photos of Jeffco Open Space.. ... read more »


2008 PLAN Jeffco Conference on the Economic Impacts of Preserving Open Space Lands

April 2008

"Some of the issues and concerns that we are going to hear about today date back to 1972 when we, PLAN Jeffco, were trying to convince the County Commissioners to put a tax increase on the ballot to raise funds to preserve open space lands. They were concerned about the effects of taking lands off the tax roles and other potential negative impacts to the county’s economy. We prepared a report for the commissioners, using the scanty data that existed at that time, which showed that positive economic benefits accrued as a result of acquiring and preserving open space lands. Apparently this report lessened their concerns, as they agree to put the issue on the ballot and the voters overwhelmingly agreed to tax themselves to protect the disappearing open lands. ... " read more »


2001 PLAN Jeffco Commissioners Dinner

November 8, 2001

Mount Vernon Country Club

PLAN Jeffco Commissioners Dinner broadens understanding for County interface with DRCOG Regional Plans. ... read more »

Additional past events…coming soon!

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