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Volunteers Needed! - read more about how to get involved in the PLAN Jeffco Newsletter, September 2014 Volunteer

Volunteerism is a great way to show support for PLAN Jeffco and Open Space. Join us on one of the projects below, or suggest a new project – we’re all ears!

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Historical Document Archive Project

This is a hands-on project helping us sort through, organize, digitize, and publish a complete history of PLAN Jeffco. We have an extensive collection of clippings and documents that spans nearly the full 40 years of PLAN Jeffco’s existence. These paper records need to be preserved, and our history made public. Be a part of this historic process, and sign up today.

Eyes on Open Space Project

This is the project for you if you’re an Open Space junkie, a frequent visitor to our Jeffco Open Space parks. While you’re there, we want you to observe. Are visitors behaving badly? Is there damage to park facilities or to the flora, fauna, or landforms? Is there something going on that you feel shouldn’t be happening? Let us know, and we’ll make sure the proper person at Open Space knows about it. And, if it’s something extraordinary, we’ll add it to our individual park information page, with your byline!

Documenting Open Space Parks Project

Here’s the project that’s for you if you want to dig deeply into each of the Open Space Parks. Each park has a history, was “something” before it was acquired by County Open Space. Each park is unique; each park has special characteristics – flora, fauna, landforms – that contribute to its charm and beauty. Help us develop a story for each of the parks. Choose your favorite, or work on them all.

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