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Pack it in / Pack it out and Outdoor Ethics

Author: PLAN Jeffco

Date: December 2016

Pack it in / Pack it out and Outdoor Ethics

Outdoor Ethics may be summed up in the phrase Leave No Trace, and in Jefferson County Open Space Parks, like all other park systems, the rules of good outdoor ethics apply. Specific rules may be found in park regulations,
Read the full Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) Parks Regulations / Reglamentaciones (jeffco.us)

For the most up-to-date park rules, read the JCOS Parks Regulations and observe all rules posted in Jeffco Open Space Parks.

Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) Parks Regulations / Reglamentaciones en Español (jeffco.us)

which all park users should know and follow (see link at right).

Following are a few tips and reminders to ensure that you are following good outdoor ethics:

Pack it in / Pack it out.

Plan ahead! If you pack drinks and snacks, don't be tempted to leave litter on the trail. Bring a bag for rubbish and keep it handy. Remember, wildlife will be attracted to your discards. Consider designating one member of your party to carry the rubbish bag and to ensure that all trash is placed in it. Use designated trash receptacles in the park.

Dogs—must be on a leash and under your control at all times. Dispose of pet waste properly.

Wildlife—should be viewed from a safe distance. Wildlife and their habitats including burrows, dens, and nests are protected. Don't feed the wildlife.

Natural & Cultural Resources—may not be damaged or collected including wildflowers, wood, rocks, or historical or other objects.

Fires—are allowed only where designated and in provided grills, fire pits, etc.

Check for restrictions at Jeffco Sheriff Restriction & Bans / Fire Info Hotline: 303.271.8200.

As a Jefferson County Open Space Parks user, you are responsible for knowing and complying with all park regulations. Park regulations include important information about safety, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, missiles & crafts, team sports, noise, and more:

Jeffco Open Space Parks Regulations / Reglamentaciones en Español (jeffco.us/open-space/regulations/)

To ensure that you have the most current & accurate information regarding park closures, changes to rules & regulations, or any other changes to the parks or park systems call or visit Jefferson County Open Space Parks online at jeffco.us/open-space.

Learn more:

Watch the Jeffco Open Space Leave No Trace, The Seven Principles of Outdoor Etiquette video:

RangeTrackerTV Video, "Leave No Trace"

Colinda de Gruen of the nonprofit RangeTrackerTV produced this video in cooperation with Jeffco Open Space. Published: May 30, 2012

Watch the National Parks Service "Leave No Trace" video:

NPSWilderness Video: Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace (lnt.org) — learn about the "Seven Principles of Leave No Trace."

Leave No Trace (Wikipedia) — learn about outdoor ethics that promote conservation.

Bureau of Land Management (Environmental Education) — learn about the estimated life expectancies for different kinds of litter: "How Long Does it Last?"

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