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About Us

PLAN Jeffco 1972 to 2015. Citizens & Government interacting to achieve a goal of conserving Open Space Lands

PLAN Jeffco is a non-profit citizen organization, based in Jefferson County Colorado. For over forty years PLAN Jeffco has advocated the formal conservation of key lands as open space. In 1972 the organizers of PLAN Jeffco realized that because of Jefferson County's location at the boundary between the growing Denver Metro area and the Front Range, preservation of open space was absolutely necessary to offset the rapid loss of natural and scenic lands to development.

PLAN Jeffco authored and successfully campaigned for the Open Space Resolution, a ballot initiative that established a ½ of one percent sales tax in Jefferson County to fund open space acquisition and to establish the award winning Jefferson County Open Space program. PLAN Jeffco also spearheaded the Bond Election in 1998 that resulted in doubling the Open Space acreage. While the Open Space program has grown in size and significance PLAN Jeffco has continually provided citizen oversight and impetus for new program directions.

PLAN Jeffco believes that publicly owned and preserved open space is a cornerstone of any land use policy with a goal to provide citizens with enhanced quality of life. We currently function as an oversight group, observing meetings of the Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC), participating in subcommittees and issue groups, meeting with elected officials, proposing and working for important acquisitions, and keeping citizens informed of what is going on in their Open Space Program.

PLAN Jeffco also provides an important citizen education function. Significant county, state and national issues such as the economic benefits of open space and what future impacts should be considered during the next 40 years of conservation have been topics for conferences, annual meetings, citizen workshops, and analyses in our periodic newsletter. Because PLAN Jeffco had been performing these educational functions for forty years PLAN Jeffco is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization; all contributions to PLAN Jeffco are tax-deductible.

The Board of PLAN Jeffco is composed entirely of volunteers. All funds received, dues or contributions, are used for educational purposes such as our conferences, annual meetings, workshops, dinners, newsletters and other publications.